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Dynamic and static motor analysis

To meet the needs of the market, our company is increasing the range of services offered. We are pleased  [ ... ]

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Inspections with use of borescope are commonly used by specialists. Borescope help us to take a look to the places normally hard (or impossible) to reach without dismantling the inspected object. Our equipment allows to observe the inner parts and surfaces of the machine, without influence on object. Inspections with use of borescope allows for early defect recognition and periodical observation of the wear down process. 

Inspections performed by our highly skilled technicians equiped in high quality digital borescope helps you to check condition of inner parts of your diesel engines, turbines or gearboxes. On the basis of visual inspection our engineers will help you to define the real condition of the machinery and plan necessary repairs and maintenance jobs to prevent failure. Benefit of this kind of inspections is possibility to minimize the time and cost of inspection of the equipment, keeping the high quality of inspection.



Visual inspection is the most commonly used method of non-desctructive and non-invasive testing in transport and industry. This is justified both from an economic and technical point of view, as it reduces the time to identify the current state of the machine, reduces operating costs and increases operational safety.