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Dynamic and static motor analysis

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On-site balancing

Mass unbalance is the most common malfunction of rotating machinery (50% or even more). It produces excessive synchronous forces on bearings and foundation, and also vibrations on the machine. It may be caused by several reasons, e.g. unequal distribution of mass about the rotating centerline or shaft axis,  mass eccentricity, parts distortion, stacking errors, bent or bowed shaft, deposits on rotors or non-homogeneity of the material. It results in serious probles, due to the fact that unbalance in rotating machineries transmits rotating forces to the bearings and to the foundations. Transmitted forces may cause damage to the machine parts and its foundation as well as affect neighboring machines and structures. 

Balancing is the process of attempting to improve the mass distribution of a body so that it rotates in its bearings within specified vibration level. 

KAMTRO specializes in balancing of rotating machinery in the machine's own bearings without removing the rotor. Balancing is being performed by the usage of portable balancing equipment. Balancing tolerances, methods for balancing and limits for machine vibrations are subject to technical rules and standards (for example ISO 1940-1; ISO 10816-3).

Why balancing:

  • it substantially increases bearing life
  • it decreases operating stresses that leads to cracking and early failure
  • saves energy (3 to 5% of reduction is typical)
  • mantains optimum product quality
  • minimizes operator fatigue
  • reduces noise
  • enhances customer satisfaction