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Dynamic and static motor analysis

To meet the needs of the market, our company is increasing the range of services offered. We are pleased  [ ... ]

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Thermal imaging testing

KAMTRO  offer wide range of diagnostic services. In our offer we also have thermal imaging tests. It is a method of testing an objects based on measurements of radiation in infrared range. The result of measurements is an image of temperature distribution on the surface of the tested object. Thermal imaging tests are the most commonly used method of imaging and recording of temperature distribution on objects.

Each zone of exceeding operating temperature range could be a symptom of:

  • improper use of element  
  • structural defects
  • wear down of elements
  • exceeding the permissible load

Thelmal imaging testing allows to observe and disagnose of:

  • electric motors
  • bearings
  • gearboxes
  • turbins 
  • pumps 
  • generators
  • transformators
  • connectors and electric components

Thermal imaging testing is often used in industry, due to the fact than it allows to diagnose the electric elements during normal operating condition (power supply still on). Based on this method our engineers can precisely define localization of defect in wide temperature range(-20°C to 650°C). Repairs are more efficient and its cost are reduced (only elements with defects are replaced).