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Dynamic and static motor analysis

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Vibration measurements

Vibration is a natural process existing in every machine and only due to exceeded limits they cause damage to the equipment. We can measure vibration and, on the basis of these results, we can evaluate condition of machinery on the basis of the ISO standards and place readings in following areas:

  • newly commissioned machines - Cl. A,
  • unrestricted long term operation- Cl. B,
  • restricted long term operation- Cl. C,
  • vibration causing damage- Cl. D.

The following results allow managers of the machinery plants to take proper actions.

First diagnostic visit needs to be done by our technicians in order to collect all necessary information. At that time all measuring points should be indicated and marked (fixed points should be installed). Next measurement can be done in two ways:

  • by our technicians
  • by your maintenance crew - based on our tutorial and tools (rented or bought from us)

After measurements the results will be sent to our office for analysis. Reports will be issued along with recommendation - available on our website in clients area.


To obtain the proper results following steps should be taken:

  1. Collecting of machinery data along with drawings.
  2. Indicating of measurements locations together with measurement set ups.
  3. Taking measurement in a proper way.
  4. Transfering measurement data to our office.
  5. Analyzing the results.
  6. Issuing final report.
  7. Cooperating with crew regarding the action to be taken.